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Christina. Sydney. 20. ROSE & TEN ARE MY BABIES

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"Listen" vs. "Rose"


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Designate the least important!

so my birthday is over in 30 mins and i just wanted to thank everyone on tumblr for all the birthday wishes & i did have a fantastic day! ❤️❤️

Happy happy birthday!!! (For me is the 14th now) sooooo happy birthday you lovely person.

asked by deepintodalek

Thankyou!! :) it’s still the 14th here ;)

Thats good im glad :) that photo is so cute with the picnic who is that? Cute idea! Xo

asked by Anonymous

my sister is the one at the front and then it’s my bestfriend and then me at the back haha :) yes they’re very cute organising a surprise lunch for me . well one of many surprises!